Motorized Blinds & Shades for your Windows

Do you have hard to reach windows? Maybe a two story foyer or over a whirlpool tub?  Consider a motorized blind or shade that is controlled by a remote control, app on your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, or wall control.  Hunter Douglas offers a motorized system called the PowerView.  This feature is a great option for your home or workplace window.  PowerView Motorization also creates a safer environment for homes with young children & pets.

With the PowerView app for your iPhone & iPad so you can operate the blinds while in your home or away.  Using the RemoteConnect feature, you can operate your blinds from work or half around the world using your preferred device.  Create room setting by programming the blinds to open & close at certain times of the day, different times for each day, positions favorites, etc. It allows you to preset and operates up to six different groupings of blinds. With just a press of a button, you can adjust them individually or together.  You can also link one of your scenes to the ever changing local sunrise and/or sunset times with your specific location.  Depending on your preference of light & privacy, you can program different scenes for different times of the day and different days of the week

The PowerView Pebble Scene Controller features an advanced display screen that lets you conveniently preview and select room scenes—different combinations of shades and shade positions—that you previously programmed using the PowerView App.

The headrail has a hidden battery pack to power the blind or shade.  They are easy to install, operate and maintain.  No need to run electricity to each window.  This is great for existing homes who want motorized blinds or shades.

Along with controlling your Hunter Douglas PowerView shades through the PowerView App and Pebble Control, PowerView also seamlessly integrates with other sophisticated whole-home automation systems. Synchronize your ‘Scenes’ to automatically activate in coordination with your other smart home devices to create picture-perfect settings throughout the day, every day.

Stop by our showroom and spend time with the products and get to know the mechanics, textures and materials you like best.  Let our experts do the work measuring dimensions, assessing your room’s lighting, and making sure your purchase is perfectly customized to your home.  We will take care of measuring & installation of your new blinds & shades.

~Anita C. Yoder,  Heritage Design Interiors

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