Why Hire an Interior Designer?

While there is a cost associated with hiring a professional, you can save money and time when you work with an interior designer. By avoiding costly mistakes that can be expensive to change. An interior designer can guide you through the many selections that are needed to complete your new construction, addition or renovation projects.  They can also remove some of the stress helping the project on schedule.

From flooring & cabinetry to plumbing & lighting fixtures, there are many options that need to be coordinated.  Outside & interior selections require many important details for your project to look great.

Since most people do not work in construction and design, hiring a designer that reflects your style and taste is important.  Communication is critical, so the designer understand what the client wants and needs. The client needs to communicate to the designer know their likes and dislikes along with questions and concerns. It is good for a client to be open minded to the designer’s ideas and suggestions. It is also very important that the designer listens to you. The design project needs to reflect you not the interior designer’s personal taste.

Knowing your budget is important for both the customer’s wallet and the designer.  Some customers want nice within reason while others want higher end products for their home or workplace.  You can have a beautiful home or room regardless of budget.  Just remember a bucket of paint cost the same no matter what color you choose.  An improperly selected paint color or selection will cost more when it needs to be replaced.  That is one example why hiring a designer can save you money!

It is very important that you hire an interior designer who listens to you.  It is not their home that they are decorating, it is your home!  It is important that it reflects you and your lifestyle.

There are different types of designers. Some designers who work for flooring, kitchen or furniture stores generally only work with their stores products.  An independent designer is open to working with local flooring, cabinetry, lighting and furniture stores of your choice along with local builders and remodelers.  There are some designers who specialize in only one area of the home such as lighting, kitchen, and landscape designers.

While HOUZZ & Pinterest are a great way to figure out what you like & don’t like, your rooms & home are different than the pictures on the internet, an interior designer can help you coordinate your wish list.  They are also a great way to communicate your dislikes, so the interior designer understands your needs & wants.

Getting decorating advice from family & friends is an option but …

While friends and family mean well, they have their personal taste, wants & needs for their own home. Depending on the relationship, it may, or may not work.  The helper may be offended if suggestions are not used or you may feel bad to tell your helper that you are not fond of the suggestion.

Remember, decorating should be fun!  Some people enjoy making their own selections while others like to work with a professional on their decorating project.  Some people who have good taste but little time to resource and coordinate all of the details hire professionals to help them with their projects at their home or workplace.

At Heritage Design Interiors, we customize the design service to our clients. Some of our clients want us to help them coordinate all of the selections from exterior colors and details to the interior’s flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, door styles, and paint colors. We can help them from blueprint to window treatments or just some decorating advice and answering their questions.  We will make your next decorating project fun!

by Anita C. Yoder
Interior Designer & President
Heritage Design Interiors Inc.

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